EU students at UK universities generate £3.7bn for the UK economy and support over 34,000 jobs.

At a time where the UK is debating the impact of a “Brexit” or “Bremain” vote in the upcoming EU referendum (23 June 2016), Universities UK (UUK) most recent report suggests that EU students at UK universities generate £3.7bn for the UK economy and support over 34,000 jobs in all corners of the country.

Looking at UUK’s report into more details, I extracted key figures illustrating the impact of EU students across all regions and nations of the UK.

EU students in the UK:

Currently, there are around 125,000 students from other EU countries studying at UK universities.

EU students represent 5% of the total UK student population and the top 5 EU countries sending students to the UK are:

1 – Germany [13,675 students],

2 – France [11,955],

3 – Ireland [10,905],

4 – Italy [10,525] and

5 – Greece [10,130].

 UUK’s analysis (which is based on 2011–12 student number figures) also shows that students are spending on and off-campus:

blog post 2-graph2

EU students’ impact at regional level translates as follow:

blog post 2-graph

Dowload the full UUK report by clicking here.

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The link between food culture and student satisfaction

There are increasing indicators that food quality, cost, and familiarity can have a significant effect on a student’s study abroad experience.

Students are paying attention when food choices aren’t up to par, and improving food services for visiting students is becoming a source of differentiation and competitive advantage for some institutions and schools.

2 key points to remember:

  • Food isn’t just functional, it’s emotional
  • If you’re going to do it, do it right

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